"A Simple Thank You digital registry helps families handle the post funeral process quickly and efficiently. The family is able to personalize the funeral more than ever before, matching the register book with the thank you notes. One of the biggest compliments our families have about the system is that all of the names that are digitally registered are legibly printed in the memorial books. This serves as a great resource for the family. There are many benefits for the funeral home. The family receives all the thank you notes that they require for those that signed-in on the iPad, sent flowers, or gave a memorial envelope. This also allows the funeral home to carry less inventory of guest books and thank you notes. A Simple Thank You digital registry is innovating the funeral industry and has made our day-to-day operations much simpler. I'm glad that my funeral homes are able to provide it for our families."

~Jacob Vandenberg, Funeral Director, Vandenberg Funeral Homes


"It is with great pleasure to recommend A Simple Thank You. Our families have affirmed satisfaction time and time again. We have enjoyed the ability to provide feedback and see implementation of feedback our team and our families have recommended as improvements as well. As a direct result of overwhelming positive response from multiple generations of guests we have implemented electronic register books as a standard offering for all families based upon it's ease of use, portability and quality. The ASTY team has consistently displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. Chris and his staff are definitely leaders rather than a follower and treat each client as unique and address the specifics that we require for the families we serve. A Simple Thank You would be an asset to explore as a Funeral Home Owner or Independent Funeral Director. Affirm yourself the exceptional quality and care consistent time and time again. It is a pleasure to give A Simple Thank You my wholehearted endorsement."

~Scott P. Funeral Director


"John from A Simple Thank You called me in March to discuss some opportunities with American Funeral Director. After spending some time learning about the business, I was very intrigued personally. My father passed away in January and the company's service would have been perfect for my Mother. It's 9 months later and my Mother still finds it emotionally difficult to work on the thank you cards. I would definitely have recommended this service to Mom..."

~Anthony Kaniuk, American Funeral Director


"This is a great thing you are doing for your customers. As a pastor I saw firsthand how difficult a death can be. It's sometimes hard to just get out of bed in the morning, let alone send thank you notes. I also know that the act of sending these cards is an important part of the grief process. You are helping in ways that honor both the grief and help facilitate moving forward. Thanks."

~Pastor Sean H. Member NFDA  


"We are extremely pleased with the broad range and high quality of entries to the KIP Awards program this year. The staff at A Simple Thank You demonstrates a strong commitment to serving the death-care industry. They are true leaders within our profession and are very deserving of this prestigious award."

~Steve Bittner, Chair of ICCFA Personalization Committee


"I couldn't believe how difficult and time consuming it would be to help my father send out thank you cards. I spent hours on the computer trying to get complete addresses and zip codes. Also, it was incredibly difficult to decipher handwriting. When a friends Aunt passed, while helping gather pictures for a montage at his home he told me about the simple thank you service they were using.  This service would have been a godsend to my family."

~Steve T.


"I am an independent funeral director and I appreciate that this registry is portable on an iPad. Some families choose to have a church service only or a short visitation at a cemetery. I can now offer a great cost-effective service to my families without trying to maintain an inventory of guest books, thank you cards and envelopes at multiple locations."

~John A.


"My father passed away, followed by my cousin soon after. My father’s wake alone had over four hundred people attend. I had no idea how much time and effort it took to properly send thank you cards. For several days I sat at the kitchen table trying to decipher hand written names and addresses in the guest book from the funeral home. Many of the entries were hard to read or had missing information, which required me to look them up on the Internet. When my cousin passed away, I heard about A Simple Thank You.  By using this service, I saved hours, precious time that I was able to spend with family sharing memories our loved ones."

~Sue K.


"Family members of all ages love working with the system, especially once they realize how much time and effort it will save them trying to read peoples hand writing and addressing numerous thank you envelopes. For people who are worried about elderly people being able to work the system, I assure them that I am always readily available to help them, and there are usually younger children that like helping people who may need it."

~John Rago Sons Funeral Home


"I am both personally and professionally impressed with your product, and what it will mean to families. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to present it to my manager. He's more of a "traditionalist" when it comes funeral products. If it were up to me, I'd be banging on your door right now, asking for my first shipment. I think what you've got is very "NOW" for what our families need. There's nothing wrong with "pushing the envelope" (no pun intended). I'm not comfortable with what he's doing, and am probably going to shift to a more open-minded establishment. Tradition certainly has its place, but our families aren't from the early part of the century. We're changing, and what we do needs to reflect that. Kudos to you and what you are doing. I intend to follow what you do, and hope that when things change for me, I'll be able to mention you."

~Joseph M, Funeral Director


"Needless to say, when we lost our 17-year old daughter, our lives changed forever.  We come from a big Irish family and a very close knit community that supported us in every way.  The outpouring of love and prayers was truly amazing.  With that being said, we had thousands, well over 3,000 visitors at my daughter's wake.  It was a wonderful tribute to her life and overwhelmed my family. If we didn't have the electronic signature registration provided by "A Simple Thank You," we would have never been able to send out all the thank-you cards that we wanted to send. The process at the wake was simple and easy for visitors to use. It was a blustering, cold January night and the visitors were grateful to get into the wake as quickly as possible. the easy to use registration on a simple iPad kept the line of visitors paying their respects moving along at a good pace. The wonderful advantage of the service is that it takes the arduous task of writing & addressing thank-you notes almost virtually off the checklist.  The last task any family wants to do while we're still suffering a loss is to sit for hours deciphering illegible handwriting to address the envelopes. "A Simple Thank You" saved us hours, possibly days. After you're totally drained by the services, the last thing any family, no matter how busy their wake can be, is to work on thank-you notes. The service allows you to personalize the printed response. We were given excellent, touching options that could be printed in the notes. We elected to print our personalized thank-you inscription.  "A Simple Thank You" was more than accommodating. We also received a beautiful binder that included all the details of the service. A listing of all the guests that registered is included in the book as well. Most families are so overwhelmed with grief that they may not remember who participated in the services or who they even met at the wake. The book helps our family recall all the love and support shown to us. It's never easy to say good-bye to a loved one. No family needs the headaches of writing out thank you notes and addressing envelopes to visitors. "A Simple Thank You" saved us the hassle of a monumental project that we didn't have the strength to tackle. The ability to personalize our note also allowed our family to express our gratitude for support as we wished. We're forever grateful to have the keepsake book with the services, cemetery and guest information. The service was simple for guests to use and allowed the visitors line to advance smoothly. I highly recommend "A Simple Thank You" to any family that undergoes a loss of a loved you."

~Anne Cullen