Will my client families have choices?

    • Memorial Guest Book and matching Acknowledgment Card options
    • Acknowledgment Cards Printed: A Simple Thank You provides 10 different standard verse selections or the family can create a custom to be printed inside thank you cards
    • Families can choose a custom phrase on the registry page, to go under the name for whom the service is held. Example: "Beloved Mother"
    • The family can also choose from 6 different backgrounds that they wish their guests to see on registry screen, A custom background can also be added.
    • Families can also choose to add up to 4 pictures that will appear as a slideshow within the application to be seen by their visitors
    • Families will also have the choice to have a digital Excel file of all attending guests sent to them via email

    How quickly will my client's order be shipped?

    • Orders will be shipped to your location or to your families no later than 24 business hours after the order is submitted to A Simple Thank You. We do not print or ship on Sundays.

    What will we need to get started?

    • The only things needed are an iPad, an iPad bracket to secure the iPad that can be easily mounted and removed if traditional guest book is preferred, and a router for a Wi-Fi signal (only necessary when sending completed services).

    Is a Wi-Fi signal needed during service?

    • No. Only when guest registration is complete and you are ready to send data for printing. When the "End Event" button is pressed, we receive your order in seconds.

    Is the digital registry device (iPad) portable?

    • Yes. A Wi-Fi signal is only needed when sending an order ("End Event"). It can be used for any indoor or outdoor service. There are many portable options available to secure the iPad.

    Are there different mounting options for the iPad?

    • The device can be mounted in seconds to a podium/lectern with an iPad bracket and easily removed for those services choosing not to use the system. Bracket comes in black, white, silver or wood. The bracket can be mounted with a t-nut, wing-nut or Velcro.
    • There is also an attractive wall mount that doubles as a table stand which creates a lightweight mobile option.
    • The floor stand can also provide another lightweight mobile option. (approximately 30 lbs.)
    • Beautifully crafted wood bracket covers and stands are also available for even more attractive options.
    • Please visit our Resources page for recommended vendors for brackets, mounts and stands.

    What if I need more than one iPad for an event?

    • You will be able to use as many devices (iPads) as you want.

    Can the iPad be used for other purposes?

    • Yes. The iPad is owned by you and has many useful selling tools. Pictures of products being presented can easily be loaded onto the iPad to create an automatic or manual slideshow with very vibrant colors. In the event the parlor is in use at the time of a family consultation, you can still show brilliant, and colorful pictures of these rooms without interrupting the privacy of other families. Other uses include pictures for caskets, urns, flowers, etc.

    What if my client wants to be able to view the guest list prior to receiving the printed guest book?

      * A Simple Thank You provides two options for your families to view the guest list:

    • The family and guests will be able to view the guest list by pressing the "View Guests" button on the iPad. They will only be able to view names of guests and not addresses for privacy reasons.
    • The family and funeral home will receive an email of all guest’s names, addresses and email addresses (if provided) in an Excel file format for later use.

    Does the iPad need to be plugged in when in use?

    • No. It is not required to have the iPad plugged in while in use as it has a 10 hour battery life when fully charged. The iPad will need to be charged when necessary. There is the ability to use direct power. To help the battery last longer, we recommended that the brightness setting does not exceed 75% for longer battery life. This is on the “Settings” app under “Brightness and Wallpaper”. It is also important to tell the funeral director to turn off the lectern light that normally shines on the traditional memorial guestbook. This will prevent the possibility of overheating the iPad. The light generated by the iPad is sufficient.

    Can registering guests navigate to other applications on the iPad while signing in?

    • No. If the iPad is protected inside a bracket, which blocks the home button, making guests unable to do anything but register their information through the A Simple Thank You application. Also during use, it is important that the multi-tasking function is disabled. This can be disabled in the “Settings” app under “General”.

    Can my family's guest information be lost?

    • Only when pressing the “Delete” button can information be lost. The “Delete” options can be found in the Associate Desk which is password protected. The Delete button is there if a family member decides to use the traditional hand written guest book. After the service has been set up, our secure server is SAS 70 type II certified (same as banks) where it is stored for printing.

    How much will it cost to get started?

    • The only cost will be the purchase of an iPad if you do not own one already. The application will be put on your iPad for free. iPads can be purchased through A Simple Thank You or wherever they are sold.

    Can I use the guest list for pre-need or other marketing?

    • Yes. There is the option for guests when they sign in to "opt in" in order to receive either email or mail information directly from your funeral home. We also have the ability to integrate the information into your management software.

    Can the app only be used on the iPad and why?

    • The application is only on the iPad at this time. Apple offers a reliable platform and a 10-hour battery life (but can also be plugged in to direct power). The iPad is portable and can be placed in different mounting options and stands. It is the most used and user friendly tablet on the market.

    How many funeral homes are using A Simple Thank You?

    • We are in more than 100 funeral homes in 17 states as well as Canada and Australia.

    Is the funeral home required to use A Simple Thank You exclusively?

    • No. We are only trying to create an OPTION to the traditional memorial guest book however we have seen an increase in use after Funeral Homes see the benefit to both their business and the families.

    What has been the response to the elderly using the app?

    • Studies have been done about seniors. “As of April 2012, 53% of American adults ages 65 and older use the Internet or email. For most online seniors, internet use is a daily fixture in their lives. Among Internet users ages 65 and older, 70% use the Internet on a typical day. (Overall, 82% of all adult internet users go online on an average day.)” (
    • The elderly are not having nearly the problems that one would assume. Technology is everywhere now. You can find touch technology at the following places:

      1. Airports
      2. ATM machines
      3. Doctor's offices
      4. Banks
      5. Schools
      6. Hospitals
      7. Grocery Stores
      8. Cemeteries
      9. Jukeboxes
      10. Smartphones
      11. Restaurants
      12. Nursing Homes

    • The application has been used over a thousand times and we have not received any complaints from families or funeral homes. It is recommended that the funeral director ask the family to have another member help those who may need it. Many times, the younger generations are more than happy to help as they are usually more tech savvy. Also, many times the elderly that have needed help with registering have come with someone. He or she has put the information into the iPad for them. We have also seen the funeral directors helping those that need help entering their information.

    What are the responsibilities of the funeral home?

    • We suggest that the funeral home use the demo application to display the family's loved ones info on the iPad while having the book available to see the final product when first meeting with the family. When the family decides to use service, the funeral home will gather the information needed to display and print out the final product. This information will be entered into application. Once service is over, information is sent at the touch of the button to our server for printing.
    • Funeral home must be sure the message "Your data has been sent to the server" appears on screen. If this message is not seen, please check your Internet connection and try again. This is the only time they will need a Wi-Fi signal.

    Does the package go to the funeral home or directly to the family?

    • This can be decided by the funeral home. The package can be sent to funeral home for one more touch with the family or directly to the family.

    What is included in the package for $175?

    • Up to 300 customized acknowlegment cards and addressed envelopes
    • 1 Memorial guest book with printed pages that include all registered guests
    • Digital Excel file to family and funeral home of all registered guests
    • Additional 25 acknowledgment cards and envelopes with return address only to thank those who were unable to attend but may have sent flowers, food, etc.

    Are additional memorial books, thank you cards and envelopes available?

    • Yes. Extra acknowledgment cards and envelopes are available at the rate of $12 for each additional set of 50. Additional books are available for $30 each.

    Can I do my own printing?

    • Yes. We have provided the option of allowing the funeral home to do all their own printing of guest book pages, acknowledgement cards and labels for the envelopes when using our A Simple Thank You application to capture the guest information. You will be able to print the following optional memorial pages on your own stationery:

    • Registered guests
    • In memory
    • Services
    • Family record
    • Pallbearers
    • Final resting place
    • Psalms
    • Spiritual bouquets
    • Obituaries
    • Flower arrangements
    • Memorials
    • Dedicated
    • Life's memories
    • Music
    • Masses
    • Photographs
    • Family photographs
    • Create custom headers and pages

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