A Simple Thank You was created when a tragedy occurred that changed a life forever.

A Simple Thank You digitally captures visitor information through touch screen technology on an iPad, that will replace the traditional handwritten guestbook. At the end of the service, A Simple Thank You will print the Thank You cards, fully addressed envelopes, including the return address, and also the complete Memorial Guest Book. The family no longer has to decipher hard-to-read names or find information for incomplete addresses. A Simple Thank You is reliable and portable. The only time that Wi-Fi is necessary is when a Funeral Home is ending the service, which can be done at any time. This creates the portability feature allowing the Funeral Home to use our application at different locations including a chapel, church, home or even graveside.


  • We are a team of experienced professionals with a variety of skill sets
  • We have international presence
  • A Simple Thank You app is on the reliable Apple iPad
  • There is no software to buy, our application is free
  • We provide first rate customer service and tech support
  • Create or boost your marketing efforts